Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Workout Quick Tip #1 - Elliptical

Hello everyone!
I'm very excited to start sharing my workout tips and everything else workout related that I believe will help you reach that goal of yours.

Today I am going to focus on the elliptical.  Those of you that are training for a 5K, 10K, half marathon, or full marathon (you awesome crazies), I apologize in advance because I hate strongly dislike running.  But stay tuned for recipes, smoothies, etc that may apply to you!

Now for those of you that are just looking to get fit, lose weight, whatever it may be take my word for it when I say CRANK UP THE RESISTANCE!  Trust me, even if you aren't going fast (which most people feel like they have to in order to lose weight...lies) you will feel great afterwards!  So do what you can do resistance wise and alternate forward then backward every 5 minutes.  I did this last night and burned 180 calories in just 15 minutes! So get on those ellipticals!  Turn up the resistance as high as you think you can go, then go one notch higher ;) And ignore the distance, turn it off if you can!

Also try not to move your upper body much and just use the lower half of your body; abs and legs.  You'll start sweating quickly using those large muscles!  Most people jump onto an elliptical and go to town using their arms and body weight to move...this will not get you the results you want!  Keep your upper body still and those arms on the middle handle stationary.  There's no need to throw those arms around on an elliptical, do a separate arm workout before or after if you want arm definition!

Hope you find this helpful!  Make sure to stay hydrated and take your time to stretch afterwards!!

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