Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #3 - January 2015

Thank you Stitch Fix for totally redeeming yourself!  I received my third fix this month and even though I was nervous to open a box meant for my grandmother again, I was surprised to see clothes that I would actually wear!  So, I will warn you, you are about to see a lot of mirror selfies...let them begin!

(If you are unsure what Stitch Fix is please check out my first post about it here)

Each box comes neatly packed with instructions right on the inside flap.  Just looking at these pictures makes me excited for next month's fix! I'm amazed every time at how neatly folded everything stays...doesn't matter how beat up the box looks, the clothes are always perfectly packed inside.

Thank you Jenna (whoever you are) for paying attention to my Pinterest board and my previous fixes!  You will be my go to stylist from now on!

Tart - Josie Knit Beanie: $38

Such a cute beanie! Love the teal color, BUT I actually make these now so I have no need to buy them...
Verdict: Returned 

Sanctuary - Analise Textured Dress: $98

First off, please ignore the ghost legs...it's difficult to keep a tan when the temps are struggling just to stay above 0!  I actually loved this dress and the asymmetrical bottom, unfortunately the top was a little too big and for the price, I needed it to be perfect (and maybe made out of an endangered fur), the price was just WAY too high.
Verdict: Returned 

Pomelo - Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan: $64

This I LOVE!! And it's even cuter zipped up!

Long in the sleeves, long in the back, super soft, and coral?! Was this made specifically for me?? This one was a no brainer.
Verdict: KEPT! 

Mavi Gold - Ruxin Distressed Boyfriend Jean: $88

These I was wearing with the cardigan in the last pics as well.  I was really torn with these jeans (no pun intended).  They fit perfectly, and I love boyfriend ankle jeans.  But something just wasn't doing it for me.  Because they were $88 and I didn't love them immediately, I decided to keep searching for the perfect pair of ankle boyfriends.  It didn't help that I bought the $88 jeans in the last box...I will be requesting more jeans like this but cheaper!
Verdict: Returned and hopefully not regretted

Street Level - Bryant Leopard Clutch: $54

Cute? Yes! But I asked to not be sent bags...plus they call this a clutch?? I could fit my entire purse into this "clutch".  I don't disagree with Jenna that this is super adorable and my style but will be writing her to remind her that I am not looking for purses or bags!!
Verdict: Returned 

So happy with this fix!  I feel like the stylist really understands what I am looking for and even though I'm only keeping one item I really loved it all!

My leather jacket from my 1st Stitch Fix and the cardigan, pants, and "clutch" from this fix!
(Disregard the bare feet...I don't style my shoes...probably need to work on this!)

Still a little on the pricier side for me, I've seen many other fixes for under $200 total.  With that being said I'm still totally in love with Stitch Fix!

(All Stitch Fix links are to my referral page, I do get referral credit if you sign up through them...thanks in advance if you decide to!)

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