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Stitch Fix Review #1 & 2 - November & December 2014

Have you heard of Stitch Fix??  If not here is just a quick recap of the awesomeness.
First off you fill out an in depth style profile where you put all your sizes and styles you like/don't like.  It asks which part of your body you like to show off and which parts you like to keep hidden.  This profile can be changed at any time and notes can be written before and after each box is sent to you.  For $20 a month (or really however often you want!) Stitch Fix assigns a personal stylist to you and this person picks out 5 items to be sent right to your house!  It's like Christmas every month!  They send anything from clothing to bags, scarves, and jewelry.  You can opt out of any of these options within your style profile.  I opted out of jewelry since I usually get cheap stuff at places such as Forever 21...I lose or break everything.
Once your box arrives you have 3 days to try everything on in the comfort of your own home and decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back.  Each box comes with a prepaid envelope to send back the items you do not want for free.  Your stylist fee of $20 will be deducted from whatever you decide to keep, and if you decide you love all 5 items you can get an additional 25% off the entire box!
After you send back your items you can go online, checkout, and write notes on each item they sent you.  Then you get to choose when your next "fix" will ship.  At any point you can skip/reschedule/cancel your subscription with Stitch Fix at no charge.

I wasn't planning on doing this when my first two fixes came so I only have the pictures they sent with the box.  (Each box comes with style ideas for each piece of clothing) After this I will be posting pics of myself wearing my fix!

My first Stitch Fix! November 2014

I was introduced to Stitch Fix by my sister and when my first box was delivered to my doorstep, I couldn't wait to rip it open!  I linked my Pinterest account to my Stitch Fix style profile and I feel like my stylist really looked into it.

Renee C - Barrie Open Front Cardigan: $64

This cardigan was super warm and comfy but unfortunately the sleeves were about 4 inches too short...I have enough "long" sleeve shirts that I turn into 3/4 sleeve shirts...
Verdict: Returned 

Threads 4 Thought - Parker Striped Zip Up Hoodie: $54

This sweatshirt was given to layer under the leather jacket that was sent, unfortunately it was too big and way to pricey for what it was...
Verdict: Returned

Daniel Rainn - Mandy Lace Detailed Short Sleeve Blouse: $68

This blouse was super cute, but boxy...I do like flowy shirts but this one just didn't do me any justice.  Plus it was see-through and felt the price was a little high for this shirt.
Verdict: Returned

Threads 4 Thought - Jordana Lace Detail Henley: $48

This shirt had super adorable lace detail on both arms that I loved but, like always, the sleeves were just way too short
Verdict: Returned sadly

Andrew Marc - Elodie Collarless Faux Leather Jacket: $98

LOVE! I have always wanted a leather jacket (even it it's fake) and this one fit like a T! Even the sleeves...score! After getting over the price I realized I couldn't live without this and would totally regret not keeping it.
Verdict: Kept and LOVE

So, I kept the leather jacket only for $78 ($98-$20 styling fee).  I wrote back after checking out to inform them that the sleeves were not long enough but loved the edgy style they had me try out!  All together the whole box would have been $234 with the styling fee discount and 25% discount.  I couldn't schedule my next fix quick enough! Even though I only kept one thing it was so much fun.

Stitch Fix #2 - December 2014

What a HUGE let down this fix was...I honestly don't understand what my stylist was thinking...

As you can see this stylist's note was way short and not personable...I realized quickly that she did not look at my Pinterest board or my notes on Stitch Fix.

Look by M - Sierra Solid Cotton Infinity Scarf: $32

I don't have a picture of this but it was a very plain Jane light green scarf that I could have found somewhere for like $10...might have kept this as a last resort if I didn't like anything else in the box.
Verdict: Returned

Collective Concepts - Rilo Printed Lines Stud Detailed Blouse: $68

This blouse was all kinds of wrong including not my style what-so-ever.  It aged my like 20 years...
Verdict: Returned...quickly

Creative Commune - Livie Snake Print Blouse: $64

Another terrible blouse...might have liked the subtle snake print on a different article of clothing but again, there was not one thing I liked about this blouse.  AWFUL
Verdict: Returned fast!

Mystree - Kalia Faux Leather Shawl Jacket: $78

This may have looked cute on someone else but on me...I looked like a linebacker.  Broad shoulders and shawl jackets do not mix.

Just Black - Jake Slim Bootcut Jean: $88

I know you can't really see them in this picture but these jeans are phenom.  So soft, so comfy, and so long! Just what I need! I have never paid this much for a pair of jeans but I think I will have a hard time wearing my old jeans again after this pair.
Verdict: Keeper!

So this was a very disappointing fix...not impressed.  BUT I did get an awesome pair of jeans out of it! $88-$20 styling fee = $68 total.  I am not even going to talk about how much it would have been to keep the whole box because I want this fix to just be over with...hoping the next stylist can make me excited for Stitch Fix again!

(All Stitch Fix links are to my referral page, I do get referral credit if you sign up through them)

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