Meet the Blogger

Hello everyone!

My name is Angela and I decided to start a blog about everything and anything!! I am not a writer nor a photographer so please excuse the grammatical errors and phone photos ;) I got married in 2012, live in a very small town, and work as a night shift nurse mostly on labor and delivery/postpartum and love every minute of it.  Sometimes I feel guilty getting paid to rock babies all night!

I grew up playing sports every chance I got and played basketball and soccer into my college years along with going to nursing school.  Sometimes I look back and wonder how I squeezed so much into my life!  Since graduating I try as much as I can to stay fit and healthy and hope to be able to share my workout routines along with new recipes I've tried!

I have recently picked up the hobby of crocheting and surprised myself with what I can make!  Mostly newborn and baby hats but hope to branch out of my comfort zone at some point.  I hope you all find joy in reading my posts and maybe even find some of them helpful!

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