Saturday, February 14, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #4 - February 2015

It hasn't even been a month but it feels like two!  My Stitch Fix box finally arrived and I couldn't be more excited! Thank you to those who used my link, I hope you enjoy all the suspense and excitement of Stitch Fix that I do!
If you are not aware of what Stitch Fix is please check our my first post about it here!  As always my box came so perfectly packed with a note from my stylist.  To my excitement they listened and I got Jenna again!!  So this goes to show, if you like a stylist you can request to have them again!
Unlike stylists in the past Jenna listens to all of my suggestions.  She sent me all clothes (no accessories) and a dress for a friend's destination wedding coming up in May! I was so excited when I saw sweaters and patterns in my box, I couldn't wait to dive in!

C.Luce - Torie Dress: $74

Although super cute this dress just wasn't the fact that it was $74?! I had asked for something not too pricey but I guess I have to be a little more specific.  Another issue I had was that I just couldn't keep the line down the middle straight...can you say lopsided???
Love the color but that's about it...oh and it fit well! Somehow this dress made my super long torso look short, I didn't even think that was possible!
Verdict: Returned

RD Style - Charlton V-Neck Sweater: $68

I was SUPER excited to try this on and SUPER disappointed when I actually did...I am in love with the pattern and the bottom, but the sleeves were too short and they pulled at the shoulders causing them to come to a point.  I wanted to love this sweater, and I tried.  But the fact that the arms didn't fit right and the price was too high, I had to sadly let it go...I hope my stylist can find something similar that fits better next time!! (Ps: Also wearing my Just Black jeans I kept from my second Stitch Fix!!)
Verdict: Sadly returned...

Pixley - Willow Draped Cardigan: $78
Yay!! How soft and warm and....EXPENSIVE! Man I wish I would've looked at the price before I tried this on...but look at the amazing colors and pattern!
I will be sending Jenna a note to never tease me like this again! I wasn't sure about it at first but the more I wore it around the house the more I wanted it...then I started thinking "maybe we can do without groceries for a couple weeks...." Who am I kidding.
Verdict: Sent back with lots of regret!

Just Black - Rogers Distressed Boyfriend Jean: $78

Jenna found my weakness...Just Black jeans!  She said she sent me a slightly cheaper pair of boyfriend jeans (which she did...$10 cheaper...) but in my favorite brand!  How evil.  But what can I say, I LOVE them of course!!  Can't wait to dig out my flats and sandals to wear with these!  Whenever the warmer weather decides to show up...
Verdict: KEPT!

Market & Spruce - Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee: $44

Ugh...I love this shirt! It's super soft, super flowy, and super long in the back which I love.  I love plain shirts you can dress with accessories but $44 for a lightweight grey tee?? I just don't know! At this point I believe I will be sending this back, but I hope I can find something similar and way cheaper! Oh did I mention it's hand wash only...another reason I will probably be sending this back...
Verdict: Returning...I think...

All in all this was another fairly expensive Stitch Fix...I just can't spend upwards of $60-$80 on a sweater! I will be requesting Jenna again because I love what she has sent me style wise but will be requesting a much cheaper box next time! I continue to see online reviews with cheaper items so I am holding out hope!  Although I'm sorta glad I don't love everything in my boxes...if I keep one item I'm quite content!!

Again, thanks to those who signed up through me! It made keeping another pair of expensive Just Black jeans a little easier to handle ;) 

(All Stitch Fix links are to my referral page, I get credit for anyone who signs up and orders a fix.  After you sign up you can get the same through your friends!)

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