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Stitch Fix Review #8 - June 2015

I decided to take 6 weeks between the last Stitch Fix and this one and let me tell you, I won't be doing that again! It felt like an eternity and I'm afraid my stylist forgot how tall I was or something.  Anyways, please don't mind the mini gut I have going on in these's not an extra meal it's a baby! :) Can't wait to try out the maternity fixes this fall.

Stitch Fix Review
I still love my stylist Jenna, but unfortunately you won't see me wearing two items from my Stitch Fix because they plain didn't fit!  I loved the patterns and clothes she sent...if only they all fit I may have kept more!
Stitch Fix Review
Stitch Fix Review

Pixley - Frida Romper: $68
Stitch Fix Review - Pixley Frida Romper
Stitch Fix Review - Pixley Frida Romper
I absolutely LOVE rompers.  I think they are so cute, plus this pattern was to die for.  But like every romper I have ever tried on, this was riding up in places you don't want to know about.  My cheeks were hanging out just standing...this was not made for a tall woman...not even close.  
Verdict: Sent back with hopes Jenna can find me a longer one!!

Market & Spruce - Camille Striped Pocket-Front Tank: $38
Stitch Fix Review - Market & Spruce Camille Striped Pocket-Front Tank
I love this tank!  The long length, the pop of color, and to top it off it's super light and comfy!  Also has a little room to grow if you know what I mean ;)
Verdict: Keeper!

Papermoon - Piko Knit Tank: $38
Stitch Fix Review - Papermoon Piko Knit Tank
I was excited to see this in the box because I have seen it in other colors on other Stitch Fix reviews and loved it.  But something just wasn't doing it for me.  It really hugged my belly and sort of flared out at the bottom (although you can't tell in this pic).  The material was comfortable and the price was right for Stitch Fix but I still couldn't bring myself to pay that much for something I liked, but just didn't love.
Verdict: Shipped away

Skies are Blue - Henessy Speckled Braid Trim Racerback Tank: $44
Stitch Fix Review - Skies are Blue Henessy Speckled Braid Trim Racerback Tank
Stitch Fix Review - Skies are Blue Hennesy Speckled Braid Trim Racerback Tank
This is definitely something I would not have pulled off a rack in a store to try on, which is why I love Stitch Fix so much!  Although I really liked it, the color washed me out and the fabric was insanely see-through.  I don't even know if the fabric would cost 44¢ I definitely wouldn't pay $44 for this.
Verdict: Folded into a tiny square and sent back

Mavi - Hattie Skinny Jean: $98
Stitch Fix Review - Mavi Hattie Skinny Jean
I was a kid on Christmas pulling these out of my box.  I have been asking Jenna for different colored skinny jeans for a long time now but I also did not want to pay over $100.  My giddy smile quickly faded when I saw just how teeny tiny these jeans were.  Even though they are the same size as the Just Black jeans that I oh so love, they were about two sizes too small.  I could barely get them past my thighs, and when I did, they were about 3 inches short from being called ankle jeans.  Epic fail.  I am still sad about this...
Verdict:  :(

Thanks Jenna for another fun and exciting Stitch Fix!  Although it wasn't an all around hit, I still love the tank I kept and look forward to the next! 

(As always, I want to thank those who have signed up through my link.  All of the links on my blog go to my referral page.  Hope you all are enjoying your fixes, and if you haven't tried're missing out!)

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