Friday, May 8, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #7 - May 2015

I made sure I got my last fix before leaving for the Dominican Republic next week!  I asked Jenna for very summery clothes in this one specifically for my trip...and she did not disappoint!

Knowing that I was getting a bunch of super summery clothes in this fix made me act even more like a kid at Christmas! I actually did a little dance when I saw the Stitch Fix box sitting on my steps, and then proceeded to abruptly stop when I realized what I was doing and look around to make sure none of my neighbors enjoyed my little show...
Jenna has been more than amazing styling my fixes, I hope to never lose her!!

I loved the colors in this Stitch Fix!! Especially after my last fix which was lacking in that department.

Skies are Blue - Avila V-Neck Blouse: $44
This blouse was light and airy, exactly what I was hoping for! But unfortunately the colors just weren't working for me.  It already looked faded and washed out.  I think if the colors were a little more vibrant I may have kept this!
Verdict: Sent back

Skies are Blue - Brie Printed Dress: $58

This, I would never pick off a rack to try on, and I still wouldn't.  The dress itself was comfortable, but that might be because it was about 2 sizes too big.  Plus this pattern belongs on a men's Hawaiian shirt. The potential was there...if it was a lot smaller with a completely different pattern.  So what I'm getting at is that this dress would've been awesome if it was completely different! 
Verdict: First thing packed to go back!

Pixley - Clarendon Scoop Neck Blouse: $48

This. Is. So. Me!  I love bold colors and I love color block shirts and dresses!  I knew from the moment I pulled this out of the box this was mine, and was very relieved when it fit! And the price! Thanks Jenna for listening!
Verdict: KEPT!

Skies are Blue - Ross Halter Dress: $68

I knew the dress was supposed to be straight fit but wasn't completely sold until...
A dress I can wear two different ways! Score!  I love the back and I love coral.  This will be perfect for vacation and know it will get a lot of wear this summer.  It can be dressed up or down which is always a plus.  So excited about this one!
Verdict: All Mine!!

Skies are Blue - Raleigh Embroidery Detail Button Front Tank: $44

LOVE the embroidery! The tank I was unsure of...I actually tried it on and tossed it back in the box initially to send back.  But like every other fix I always try everything on twice!  The second time I tried it on I adjusted the strap length and began to really love it.  Still going back and forth on this one, I consulted family and a few friends and they all agreed....
Verdict: Keeper!!

Thanks again Jenna for another great Stitch Fix!!  I can't wait to show off some of my new stuff on my vacation next week!  And thanks to all of those who signed up through me.  I have heard about so many great fixes recently!! I hope you continue to love it like I do and if you haven't tried're missing out! 
If I helped you make the plunge into Stitch Fix use any of my links to sign up! I get credit from it and then you can get yours friends to sign up under you for credit for your fixes! 

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