Sunday, July 3, 2016

Stitch Fix Review #15 - March 2016

Still so behind in posting these but here is my Stitch Fix from March!  Another very successful one thanks for my favorite stylist Kate!
 Stitch Fix Review

Stitch Fix Review

 I loved to see some color and patterns in this fix!  It definitely brightened up a long winter and got me excited for spring (which still felt like an eternity away).

 Stitch Fix Review

Pixley - Milani Knit Tank: $38 
 Pixley Milani Knit Tank - Stitch Fix Review

I loved the pattern and bright color of this tank.  It wasn't the softest material but it wasn't uncomfortable by all means.  I tossed it to the keep pile on a whim, but later ended up selling it because it was just plain too short for my long torso.  Still haven't figured out how to pull off the short  cut tops...just looks awkward...kind of like I'm too tall for every shirt ever....oh wait...

Market & Spruce - Abberly Cut Out Detail Knit Top: $48 
 Market & Spruce Abberly Cut Out Detail Knit Top - Stitch Fix Review

 Market & Spruce Abberly Cut Out Detail Knit Top - Stitch Fix Review

Trippy huh? Trust me it's not as bad in person but I'll admit I got a slight headache staring at these pics.  I actually fell in love with this shirt right away.  It was something different, something out of my comfort zone.  That's why I love Stitch Fix.  But I have slowly grown to dislike this top...surprisingly not because of the busy pattern but because of the way the neck is cut.  Needless to say this is still hanging in my closet...I want to love it again, but I'm afraid I will eventually be selling this one too...bummer.

Loveappella - Sheana Lace Sleeve Knit Top: $48 
 Loveappella Sheana Lace Sleeve Knit Top - Stitch Fix Review

Love, love, and love this top.  So soft and comfy, so bright and vibrant.  The lace detail makes it easily dressed up or down.  Kate hit the nail on the head with this one! (So corny).

Kut From The Kloth - Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean: $78 
Kut From The Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean - Stitch Fix Review

 Kut From The Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean - Stitch Fix Review

Kate sent me Kate jeans!  She also told me they are supposed to be ankle length...but part of me thinks that BS.  Anywho, I still loved them! Even if they weren't meant to be ankle length jeans it still worked for me.  I'm still a little hesitant to wear white pants though... they are just SO WHITE.  But they fit great and have a little stretch to them which is always a plus.

Liverpool - Kaiden Cuffed Denim Short: $48 
 Liverpool Kaiden Cuffed Denim Short - Stitch Fix Review

These immediately screamed "MOM SHORTS" to me...definitely not my style.  I appreciate Kate's thoughtfulness since I had previously asked for items to hide my postpartum "donut" but these "mid-rise" shorts just weren't what I had in mind.  And I quote "mid-rise" because they definitely hit my belly button...sorry Kate.  I may be a mom but I'm not ready for mom short status.  
(PS: I did keep these for the 25% discount just to turn around and sell them immediately on Facebook! hehe)

Even though I kept this entire Stitch Fix, I now look back and realize I only really love 2 things! I have since sold 2 items and will probably end up selling a third pretty soon.  Oh well...on to the next one!

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